Become a Tutor

Looking to make your resume or grad school application stronger. Are you strong academically? UPSA's tutoring program maybe just what you're looking for. If you have a B+ or higher in a PSYC course, you can become a tutor and be paired up with tutees. UPSA tutors are awarded a reference letter from the faculty advisor recognizing their efforts.

*Tutors must have obtained a B+ or above in psychology course(s) offered at York University are eligible to apply

Tutor application deadline: Friday January 8 at 11:59PM.

Get Tutored

Need help in a course or want to stay ahead? UPSA offers a tutoring program which helps pair you to a tutor who has taken the same course as you for free. The most popular courses are PSYC2020 (Statistics) or PSYC1010 (Intro to Psychology), but UPSA offers tutors for a wide range of courses offered at York.

Tutee application deadline: Wednesday January 20 at 11:59PM.