Wellness & YU in Calumet

UPSA’s objective is to promote psychology students’ social, academic, and professional development and success. Moreover, UPSA aims to shed light on the importance of students’ mental health as well as their social, emotional, and spiritual well being. In view of this, UPSA attended the Wellness and YU event where our Vice President, Anik Patel, led a workshop on two aspects of gratitude, remembrance, and action. During the workshop, students were asked to write about someone they were thankful for on a leaf. Anik explained that the next step is to act and students should do something to express their gratitude towards that individual. He then emphasized how expressing gratitude helps individuals avoid a selfish lifestyle and promotes mental health and emotional well being. Two speakers from YouthSpeak also spoke about their personal experiences suffering from mental health issues and how they are working to overcome it and reduce the stigma surrounding these issues.

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